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Full Life Cycle AWS Consulting

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has an extremely large number of offerings that encompass everything from Simple Hourly Compute to Message Queues to Highly Available (HA) Databases to real-time data stream processing to Event Driven Computing.  There is so much available in AWS that simply choosing the right starting point can be a daunting task.

Regardless of your organization’s level of AWS adaptation, OC4 can assist you in gaining efficiency and reducing cost in a secure and compliant manner.  Rather than functioning as “hired guns” in a traditional consultancy model, OC4’s approach is to partner with our customers in a manner where we design, build, run, and continually improve your AWS infrastructure for you, freeing your resources to focus on your core business.

For organizations that are new to AWS, we can assist you in “getting your feet wet” with AWS.  In this scenario, we will work with your staff to identify “low hanging fruit” that can be easily moved to AWS.  Examples of “low hanging fruit” include: Static Website Hosting, Data Backups, Dynamic Website Hosting, and AntiSpam and AntiVirus email services, among others.

For organizations that have some AWS implementations and are looking to expand, OC4 can assist with Security Audits, Bill Consolidation, Audit Logs (CloudTrail), Threat Detection, Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) review and recommendations, and implementation of Direct Connect, among other services.

OC4’s core business is managing our customers’ AWS environments.  Our experience developing unique, secure, and compliant solutions for our customers gives us a deep well of expertise from which to draw when implementing new solutions.  The net result of that experience is avoidance of common mistakes with the delivery of robust solutions that meet our customers needs.

Our Guarantee: 100% Certified, 100% of the Time

All OC4 Resources are AWS Certified


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