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A fundamental problem in moving your organization to AWS comes in assuring that your AWS usage is optimal.  There are fine lines between performance and cost that constitute the difference between an AWS initiative being viewed as a success or a failure.

We often explain what OC4 does with AWS by comparing it to automotive repair: leveraging AWS gives you a beautiful garage with a full compliment of lifts, high end tools, and everything you can imagine, but does not provide the mechanic with the know-how to build, fix, or customize a car.  That’s where we come in.

OC4 supports dozens of customers across every imaginable size and vertical vertical: from startups to Fortune 50 enterprises; from manufacturing to healthcare; from financial services to criminal justice.  The breadth and depth of our AWS knowledge allows us to understand our customers’ needs fully, and to design highly available, highly scaleable, cost effective solutions to meet their unique needs. We firmly believe that while the various pieces: compute, storage, network, etc., are effectively fungible, there is magic to be found in the way the various AWS components are woven together.

Our approach leverages concepts that are designed to maximize efficiency while minimizing costs.  A key component of this approach is to question everything and design appropriately.  Whether replacing an out-of-date self-managed database with AWS Relational Database Service (RDS), Creating microservices leveraging AWS Lambda, or ensuring compliance data is in a Write Once Read Many (WORM) configuration by implementing AWS Glacier Vault Lock, OC4 has the expertise and experience to ensure that your organization’s AWS implementation runs smoothly, efficiently, and in a cost effective manner.

Central to our implementation approach is repeatability.  AWS offers a unique ability to control each element of your infrastructure with simple directives that can be managed in the same way that code is managed; an approach that is broadly known as DevOps.  Our approach automates everything that can be automated on AWS, thereby removing the potential for human error – each component of the stack becomes completely repeatable and completely automated.  By combining this approach with Continuous Integration (CI), we assist our customers in migrating to an environment where redundancy is built into the entire stack and the entire environment is constantly refreshed as changes are pushed to production.  Our approach distributes the compute loads over multiple AWS Availability Zones and multiple AWS Regions, which, when combined with CI, allows for continuous Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery (BCDR) testing.

Our Guarantee: 100% Certified, 100% of the Time

All OC4 Resources are AWS Certified


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