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CCOE as a Service

For larger organizations with existing IT roles, the establishment of a Cloud Center of Excellence (CCOE) can be the difference between Cloud Success and Cloud Failure.

OC4 has assisted several customers in the establishment of their own CCOEs, serving in an advisory capacity until such a time as the customer becomes proficient in the various AWS disciplines and has appropriate reference architectures and best practices defined. For several of our customers, OC4 continues on after the establishment of the CCOE as the resident “Cloud Experts, ” in a capacity where we continually advise the customer on optimization, evolving best practices, and emerging AWS technologies, while working to convey the CCOE message across the customer’s various IT pools of expertise.

OC4’s CCOE as a Service allows us to stay abreast of our customers’ changing AWS consumption and needs, and to provide accurate recommendations and best practices that are suited to any given organization.

OC4’s CCOE as a Service provides our customers with a monthly report on new AWS Features, price reductions, and changes to AWS Services, as well as an in-depth discussion of how these changes will affect our customers.  Additionally, we provide an in-depth quarterly report that is intended to serve as a roadmap for current and future AWS efforts in the ever-changing Cloud landscape.

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All OC4 Resources are AWS Certified


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