Healthcare Case Study

HIPPA Compliance and Secure Infrastructure

Laura & John Arnold Foundation

The Laura and John Arnold Foundation(LJAF) is a philanthropic organization that was founded in
2008 to address challenges in society with creative ideas and entrepreneurial strategies. LJAF was a charter member of The Giving Pledge which was founded by Warren Buffet and Bill Gates. The Arnolds concentrate their investment in Education, Criminal Justice, and Public Accountability.

The Challenge

The Laura and John Arnold Foundation was entrusted with
Criminal Justice Data from several state and local entities,
and needed to share these data with researchers in a secure
and compliant manner. Further complicating the issue was
the fact that these data were subject to multiple regulatory
requirements, including both HIPAA and CJIS. What was
needed was a solution that gave researchers the access and
tooling they needed to perform their research, but in a “walled
garden” design that met the Arnold Foundation’s security and
business requirements.


OC4 worked directly with LJAF to create an AWS-based
solution that met both the data isolation and the compliance
needs specified. OC4’s solution relied on leveraging the
regulatory compliance attorney on staff, experience working
with the Department of Defense, a deep knowledge of security and encryption best practices, and tooling from third party vendors. By leveraging AWS Services combined with deep
technical expertise, OC4 was able to deliver a highly secure
and scaleable solution that exceeded LJAF’s design criteria while coming in on time and under budget.


HIPPA Compliant Security

LJAF increased HIPPA security and
compliance by migrating to AWS.


Cost Decrease

OC4 and AWS decreased costs by 30%
relative to the previous infrastructure.


Control Your Cloud

OC4’s business model allows clients
to manage spend with AWS directly
incentivizing cost savings long term.