Cloud Launch

The cloud is yours.

OC4 helps you get there.

OC4’s business model is different.  We don’t want to control your cloud, we enable our clients to get to the AWS cloud with our support.  Cloud Launch gives you AWS Best Practices, support, and the AWS well architected framework.  Get started on your Cloud journey today with OC4.  

"OC4's AWS expertise was amazing.  Cloud Launch provided me the blueprint to get my business running on AWS without having to give control to a typical Managed Services Provider." 

Jeremy Byron,


Launch AWS under your control.


OC4's experts have over 10 years of experience and provide you with a cloud design that incorporates the AWS Well Architected Framework.

Regulatory Compliance

OC4's on staff legal counsel provides you with a compliance framework for regulations specific to your industry.


OC4 AWS security subject matter expert provides you with an industry specific security brief that outlines AWS security best practices.

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