As an AWS customer, your organization will benefit from data center and network architectures built to meet the requirements of highly security-sensitive organizations. Your organization will also have access to the tools and services that enable you to achieve a better security posture than on your on-premises environment. AWS instances can scale up and down on demand, and by leveraging pay-as-you-go pricing, you can obtain the security you need without any upfront hardware investments. AWS enables you to keep your data safe, meet compliance requirements, realize more control over your environment, and increase privacy, all at a lower cost.


Secure Data

OC4 designs secure AWS environments that protect your privacy while leveraging AWS Well Architected Framework.


OC4 partners with industry leading software providers such as Turbot and brings together the best pieces of each application to secure your environment.
Monitor 2


We setup alerts and security parameters that immediately notify us of vulnerabilities. Then we work with you to define the best course forward for your business.

Scale Policies

OC4 provides the framework to scale security policies as your business grows and changes.

Free AWS Security Consultation

OC4 provides you with an AWS Security assessment